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Duke University

BOOST: Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology
Project Coordinator: David Stein
About BOOST: BOOST (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology) is a multi-dimensional program for elementary and middle school teachers and students, designed to excite under-represented minority (URM) students about science and inspire them to pursue careers in medicine and other biomedical professions.
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
BWF: Burroughs Wellcome Fund
President: Enriqueta C. Bond, Ph.D.
Mission: The Burroughs Wellcome Fund is an independent private foundation dedicated to advancing the medical sciences by supporting research and other scientific and educational activities.
Program Involvement:
Techtronics: Hands-on Exploration of Technology in Everyday Life

Duke University Marine Laboratory


Duke University Marine Engineering Teaching Fellows
Director of the Duke University Marine Lab: Michael K. Orbach, Professor of the Practice
Director of the Duke University Marine/Freshwater Biomedical Center: Celia Bonaventura, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology, Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Chemistry
Mission: The Marine Laboratory is a campus of Duke University and a unit within the Nicholas School of the Environment. Its mission is education and research in the basic ocean processes, coastal environmental management, marine biotechnology and marine biomedicine.
Program Involvement:
Marine Engineering Teaching Fellows from MUSIC, MUSCLE programs and Duke University Marine Lab (DUML).

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GE Foundation
GE Foundation
President, GE Foundation: Robert Corcoran
Mission: The GE Foundation seeks to improve the achievement of students, strengthen development for teachers and build the capacity of schools, universities and communities to educate the citizens and workforce of tomorrow.
Program Involvement:
MUSCLE: Math Understanding through the Science of Life

Chairman: Robert A. Ingram
Executive Director: Marilyn Foote-Hudson
Mission: The North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation supports activities in North Carolina that help meet the educational and health needs of today's society and future generations. The Foundation focuses on programs that emphasize the understanding and application of health, science and education at all academic and professional levels.
Program Involvement:
TASC Office, Training Center and Science Materials Center

Contact: David Benevides, Regional Director for Corporate Community Relations
Program Involvement:
Donated 10 computers and a network printer for Washington Elementary School and Centennial Middle School in Raleigh, NC


Microsoft Research, USA - University Relations
Contact: John Spencer, Manager, University Relations Microsoft Research, USA
Program Involvement:
Donated $10,000 for 64 computers distributed to EK Poe Elementary, Bethel Charter School, Central Elementary, Centennial Middle School, Washington Middle School, digital cameras and Windows 2000 Professional and Office 2000 Professional software.


National Science Foundation (NSF)

NSF: National Science Foundation

Director: Dr. Rita R. Colwell
Deputy Director: Dr. Joseph Bordogna
Mission: To promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense; and for other purposes..
Program Involvement:
Duke-NCSU Engineering Teaching Fellows, National Science Digital Library
TASC: Teachers and Scientists Collaborating
MUSIC: Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum

Progress Energy
Progress Energy Foundation
Chairman, President and CEO: William Cavanaugh
Mission: The Progress Energy Foundation focuses its resources on specific initiatives within four strategic focus areas: education, the environment, economic development and employee involvement.
Program Involvement:
Support of TASC Science Materials Center

Project Lead the Way
Project Lead The Way [PLTW]
Chairman: Richard Liebich
Executive Director: Richard Blais
Mission: To create dynamic partnerships with our nation's schools to prepare an increasing and more diverse group of students to be successful in engineering and engineering technology programs.

NC Project Lead The Way [PLTW]
Affiliate Director: Nancy Shaw
State Leader for North Carolina: Brian Moye
Mission: PLTW and NC Department of Public Instruction are partnered with Duke's Pratt School of Engineering to develop a pre-engineering program of study in NC middle and high schools.

NC Science, Math, and Technology Education Center
NC Science, Math, and Technology Education Center (NCSMTEC)
President and CEO: Samuel H. Houston, Jr, EdD
Mission: To systematically improve performance in science, mathematics, and technology pre K-12 education as a means of providing all children in North Carolina with the necessary knowledge and skills in science, mathematics, and technology to have successful careers, be good citizens, and advance the economy of the state. In pursuing its mission, the SMT Center also will help schools successfully meet the criteria established in the national "No Child Left Behind" Initiative.
Program Involvement:
TASC: NSMTEC and Sigma Xi coordinate the Scientist Collaboration.
PLTW: NSMTEC and BWF provide program guidance and State Leadership Team meeting facilities.

Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Chief Technical Officer: Dr. Ravi Gorthala
Mission: To create a comprehensive informal technology education program for middle and high school students that integrates math and science through its Think Tek Learning Lab. The lab will serve middle and high school students and teachers through after-school and Saturday classes, exploration, design and construction, and interaction with a variety of scientists, technologies and learning materials.
Program Involvement:
Think Tek Learning Labs